i've been tattooing since fall of 2006. i was shown a few fundamentals, but more or less taught myself how to create what you see here. once i learned to bend a tattoo machine to my indomitable will, it really just gave me a new kind of canvas to continue inflicting my machinations and whims upon. and while other tattoo artists tend to find a niche and get comfortable, i strive to be competent (and beyond!) in all styles of tattoo art, so no request is too big or too small. really. ask me about tiny tattoos, i love doing them. cover-ups? i do them all the time. freehand? my pleasure. custom augmentations? yes. big words? indubitably. like any artist, i am most thrilled to do my own artwork (a thrilled artist is a good artist), but i won't insist on changing your original idea if you don't want me to. i aim to please...

ink   oil   lead   junk

the art of adam.